Horses and Riding have always been an integral part of the identity of Path of Life Camp.  We currently have 21 horses, kept year-round, for summer camps, spring and fall horsemanship lessons, and trail rides most months of the year.  

Horse lovers with all levels of experience are always welcome at Path of Life!  Each year we have hundreds of children and adults ride for their very first time, and hundreds keep coming back year after year. 

This fall, we are offering private lessons, group lessons, and trail rides.
Private lessons are 60 minutes long, composed of approximately 30 minutes of dedicated instruction and practicing a new barrel pattern, and wrapping up with 30 minutes of leisurely trail riding.  Students are placed on horses assessed to match their current riding level, and helmets are provided.  Benefits to private lessons are schedule flexibility and the ability to invite friends or family members to join for one or multiple lessons.  You pay one flat fee of $60 for up to 4 riders per lesson.

Group lessons are 90 minutes long, with up to 12 riders rotating through approximately 60 minutes of instruction and corral practice, finishing with a trail ride.  The primary benefit is affordability, at $100 per student for six 90 minute lessons.  Downsides include schedule rigidity and more "down time" while students rotate through their corral time.  This program is much better suited to beginners than advanced riders.  

Trail Rides are booked for 1 hour, but the actual trail length can vary by number of riders and collective experience.  Faster riders will finish early but are invited to learn/practice some corral skills with guided instruction to finish out their hour. 

Horsemanship requirements: Students must be at least 8 years of age for group lessons and at least 6 for private lessons.  Students must wear long pants made out of durable material. This excludes leggings, as they give little protection to the legs and cause the rider to slide in the saddle. Closed toed shoes and an ATSM certified helmet are required.

How do I sign up?  
The most convenient way for most people is to book through our facebook page- it keeps our scheduling current and blocks appointment requests until they are approved or denied.  
Trail Rides
Private Lessons