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Overnight Camps

A whole week of non-stop fun!  Our resident camps run Sunday-Friday and feature all of your camp favorites, from horseback riding and ATV trailing, crazy team skits, craft projects, archery, swimming, and so much more! 

During overnight camps, we focus on bonding and building our relationship

with the Creator, and finding His path for our lives.

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Teen Camp
Ages 12+
July 7-12

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Jr High Camp
Ages 10-14
August 4-9


Junior Camp
Ages 8-12
July 21-26

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A Day at Camp

7:00 Cool Beans Coffee Shop opens

7:30 Rise and Shine

8:00 Flag Raising

8:15 Breakfast

9:00 Dorm Cleanup

9:15 Morning Chapel

10:00 Team Time (rotating activities, horsemanship classes, team projects, director special)

12:30  Lunch

1:00  Rest Hour

2:00 Director's Hour

2:45 Free Time, (horseback trail rides, ATVs, pool, snack bar, archery, crafts, guided hikes, daily specials)

6:00 Dinner

6:45 Evening Game

8:00 Evening Chapel

9:15 Snack and Yack

10:00 Get ready for bed

10:30 Dorm devotions

11:00 Lights Out

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General Camp Info

Arrival: Check in is from 4 pm – 5:30 pm at the camp lodge.  By the time you arrive at camp, the registration paperwork and payments should have all been completed online.  You will need to check in with staff, touch base with our nurse, submitting vaccination records if you have not already done so, as well as medications and the corresponding physician’s orders for their dispense.   You will then be directed to the cabin/dormitory your child has been assigned to, where you can help them settle in, meet their counselors, and address any concerns and ask any questions about their week at camp.  When you feel comfortable and ready to leave your child in our capable hands, the fun begins!  Generally, campers are guided to our game room/snack shack while we wait for the rest of the campers to check in.  

Departure: Parents are invited to join us for our closing rodeo at 6:00 pm on Friday night. You will enjoy hearing from the speaker and watching your camper demonstrate the skills they learned at camp that week.  Campers will be dismissed by 7:00 pm. 

Activities: Overnight camps are less regimented and more relaxed than our day camps, allowing for a flexible camp schedule to meet and match your camper's interests.  Activities will vary by the week and the day, but generally we will have plenty of time available for horsemanship, trail riding, ATVs, crazy games, swimming, archery, waterslide, team-building activities, hayrides, bonfires, hiking, snack shack and coffee shoppe, scavenger hunts, campouts, and more! 

What are your religious beliefs?  We are an independent non-profit Christian camp, not owned or operated by any church or denomination.  We do not discriminate campers or staff for their religion, race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation, and all are welcome to participate in our programs.  Our doctrinal positions are best described or aligned with mainline American evangelicals, and we hold to the Bible as our sole authority for faith and practice.  We have two chapel services each day with skits, singing, games, camp updates, mail call, and a scriptural message, practical and relatable to camper's ages and experience.  Our guiding principle is mutual respect; many campers and their families do not share our beliefs, and while we will explain our beliefs and answer questions from the Bible boldly, we strive to treat others as we would want be treated, and that includes respecting our differences.  

Health and Diet

Medications: All supplements and medications (both prescription and over the counter) that your camper may need while at camp must be listed on your medication form and signed by an authorizing physician.  All prescription medications must come in the original bottle/package which clearly identifies the patient’s name, prescribing physicians name (if prescription), name of medication, dosage and frequency of use.  Medication must be given to the nurse at the time of check in and will be returned when you pick your camper up at the end of the week.  Emergency treatment, such as inhalers or Epi-pens can be self-carried by campers or their counselors, depending on the camper’s experience and maturity.  We do carry “stock meds” such as Tylenol and antacids, but we must receive written permission before a medication is allowed to be dispensed.  


Vaccinations: We are required by NYS dept of health to have a vaccination record on file for every camper.  Even if your child is not vaccinated, or behind on their schedule, you must submit either a copy of their vaccinations or a brief letter explaining your choice not to vaccinate for religious or health reasons.  


Food allergies- Food allergies and intolerances are very common, and manageable at camp, but your child will have a much better experience if their food allergies are communicated before the week of camp begins, so we can appropriately plan out alternatives for every meal.  


Where will my child sleep?  Campers and staff bunk either in a 12-bed cabin or our dormitory halls.  The dormitories are divided boys from girls and house 20-25 campers along with 4-5 staff.  We implement a two-adult rule for any room or building with children, to ensure that no campers are ever left alone with any staff member.  


How will my child be supervised?  Your child will be supervised at all times while here at camp. We have a 10 to 1 minimum camper to counselor ratio, in addition to many program, operational, and specialist staff trained to keep your child safe.  

How do you choose your staff?

All of our staff go through an application and interview process before being hired. The majority of our staff are returning campers or counselors that have been a part of the Path of Life family for years.  We also solicit staff applications at colleges and universities, as well as local churches.  Our guiding principle is to choose staff that love Jesus and love kids in order to provide them with an amazing week of camp and impact their lives for eternity.  

Do you perform background checks on your counselors/staff?

Yes, all of our staff and volunteers are background checked and screened against the National Sex Offender Registry.

What are your emergency procedures?

We have policies in place, reviewed with the NYS Dept of Health annually, for emergencies related to  health emergencies, weather, fire, evacuations, lost campers, active shooters and allegations of child abuse inside and out of camp, as mandated reporters.  Staff/Camper ratios remain constant day and night, with staff positioned at all entry and exit points to ensure the safety and security of our campers.  



Recognizing and managing homesickness is part of our counselor training program.  Our first approach is to comfort and distract homesick campers with all the great activities happening at that time and scheduled later that day or week.  Occasionally, the camp nurse and/or director will be consulted, and we will make a judgment call whether to contact the camper’s parents.  Every child and family handles homesickness differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  This is why early communication is so important!  There are some campers that will benefit greatly from early and regular calls home, and in some cases, talking to Mom or Dad even once is a one-way-express ticket home.  While it is not the normal experience, sometimes a camper will not respond to any of our management strategies and just will not enjoy the rest of their week of camp.  We maintain an open line of communication between our staff and parents, and the decision to pick their child up from camp is always left to the parent.  We are not able to refund any payments for camp due to homesickness.  


Can I write to my child?

Campers love receiving mail!  We deliver camper mail every evening at dinner.  You can send letters and packages to our mailing address:   112 Path of Life Road, Port Crane, NY 13833


Can my child bring a cell phone?

Bringing a cell phone to camp is very much discouraged for several reasons.  Not only is it a distraction, but phones can easily get lost, stolen, or damaged at camp, and we must carefully guard every camper’s innocence, privacy and security.  

However, as the world has changed, the last few years we have implemented a policy where a camper may bring a fully charged cell phone at the beginning of the week, check it in with the camp office, and they will be permitted to log it in and out once a day at the snack shack/game room during their afternoon free time.  The phone is not allowed to leave the game room.  We will not charge the phone throughout the week, it is recommended that when it is not in use to have the phone shut off.   In almost every case, campers use it for just a few moments to check in with family and friends, send their streaks, check their insta, and go on with their day.  Occasionally they’ll ask to use it again to call Mom or Dad goodnight, and generally, based on whether this will probably help or hurt their homesickness, we will allow a brief call before bed.  If you need to contact your camper throughout the week, the best way is always to reach out to the camp health office or the director’s cell phone.  


Does my child need to bring spending money?

No, our camp fee is all-inclusive, there is nothing for them to buy with extra money while at camp-  We provide a t-shirt and $30 in credit for the snack shack and coffee shop.  

Do you give discounts for siblings?

We offer a 50% off discount starting with the 3rd child from the same household.  Proof of address may be required.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A $25 non-refundable deposit is required at registration, and payment in full is due at check-in.  We are not able to refund any payments for voluntary withdrawl from the camp program, but we may allow a credit for a future week of camp.  

Are there any discounts or sponsorships available?

Information on discounts and sponsorships is available HERE

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If paid in full by June1-  Includes registration fees, all activities, electives,

$25 credit at snack bar, and camp t-shirt

What to Bring

Enough clothes for the week (7 changes)

Long pants and closed-toe sneakers or shoes (for horseback riding and ATVs), 

Modest bathing suit or tankini, and towel 

Toiletries and showering towel

Pillow and sleeping bag/blanket

Rain gear

Warm jacket or hoodie, 

Bible, Notebook and pencil. 

Immunization and health recordsphysician's authorization for any and all medications

Packing List

Please do not bring

Knives or other weapons

Cell phones


Music or video players

Portable gaming consoles 

or other electronic devices

Tobacco or alcohol products, including vapes

Anything you wouldn't want to lose or break while at camp

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