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The ministry of Path of Life Camp goes on only with the grace of God and the support of friends and partners within our community.  It is no secret that rising operating costs continue to outpace our ministry growth, and the need is great.  We fundraise year round to maintain our momentum and provide a place where children and families can experience their Creator in a wholesome, safe, loving, and Christ-honoring environment.  


Our fundraising efforts raise support for 3 areas:

Sponsorships- In difficult economic times, summer camp is the last thing on, and the first thing off, many families' budgets.   We work extremely hard and go without many things to keep the cost of camp manageable, and reach as many children as we possibly can.   As low as we try to keep our costs to families, there are many for whom the cost of summer camp remains out of reach.  We make every attempt to partner with local churches, family members, and local charities to share the burden and make sure finances are never an obstacle for any child that wants to attend summer camp.


Buildings and Maintenance- Most of our facilities are crossing the 50-year mark, and are showing their age.  Tremendous work and resources go into maintaining safe, functional, and attractive equipment, grounds, and accommodations.   The list of future needs and looming projects grows every year, and fundraising is the primary means of staying ahead of the natural decline.  We invite anybody to contact us for more information about current projects and anticipated needs. 

Operational Costs- While it might seem that a summer camp is simply mothballed from September to June, the work of camp goes on 365 days a year.  24 horses are expensive and time consuming to keep, raising money costs money, planning and preparation for the upcoming camp season, networking and recruiting summer staff is a constant need.  These donations could also be called "general funds", it might purchase paper towels or water balloons, go kart repairs, or just take a chunk out of our ballooning insurance premiums.  

We are an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, run by a board of directors, and all gifts are 100% tax deductible.   We will be happy to provide a receipt with any donation given.  We sincerely appreciate any and all support, and would love the chance to talk with you about the latest news at camp and where we believe God is leading us in the future.

We accept all donations, but large gifts would be better received in person or mailed to 112 Path of Life Road, Port Crane, NY 13833, to avoid large credit card processing fees.

Thank you!

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