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Limited Capacity Day Camps

For most of our history, we've run overnight and day camps separately, typically alternating every other week, but during the 2020 season, when overnight camps were cancelled across the board, we opened day camps for nine weeks straight.  


Due to the changing needs of camp-age children and their families, overnight camps are still not an option for many, and we have experimented with running small day camps concurrently with some of our overnight programs, in order to lower costs and keep schedules flexible for the families that need it.  

In 2022, we accepted registrations for these "limited capacity day camps" on a first-come, first-serve basis, and while the majority of children and families had an overall positive experience, there were several who selected only these weeks, and it is fair to say that they did not receive the best that Path of Life has to offer.  

The reality is that we are capable of running the best day camp in the southern tier and an incredible overnight camp experience, but running the two of them simultaneously is always going to require some level of compromise.  Many parents need to use these weeks of camp as day care, and they are familiar enough with the program that they can show up, drop off their kids with their counselors and know that they'll be safe and cared for without superfluous communication and attention from director-level staff.  These kids also are familiar enough with the daily expectations of camp that they can "go with the flow" even when camp is running at maximum capacities.  

For these reasons, we are accepting campers into these weeks of day camp on an application basis, not first-come-first-serve.  Priority will be given to:

1) Families who have attended day camp in previous years

2) Families who have other children attending the overnight camp that particular week

3) Families who have registered for at least 2 "standard" day camps in 2023.  

4) Families with at least 2 campers.  

5) Campers who are not old enough for that particular week of overnight camp

Non-refundable payment in full by June 1 is required to hold a place for these weeks.  In the event of a cancellation or schedule change, camp credit is 100% transferrable to another camper, and we will do our best to find somebody to take your place(s) so you can receive your refund, but ultimately, that responsibility falls to you.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!  Thank you!

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