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Camp Sponsorship Application

Since 1969, one of our core values has been making a quality camping experience accessible to every child and family, regardless of income.  In keeping with that goal, we have made every effort to keep our prices as low for every family as possible. However, it is no secret that raising children in 2022 is very expensive and many families simply don’t have the disposable income to send their children to camp.  


To aid these families, we have established a scholarship fund, where churches, groups, and individuals generously donate to eliminate financial obstructions to families in need.  We are so grateful for their giving spirit, and we make every effort to make the most of their generosity and help as many families as possible.


In order to do that, we ask in good faith that every applicant seek out financial assistance from other sources, (church, grandma, etc) before applying for assistance from our scholarship fund.

Funds are limited to the actual funds that have been donated to the scholarship program. It is expected that each family pay part of the camp fee.

Please provide a copy of last year’s IRS form 1040 to verify income.  Applications without a 1040 and two references will not be submitted for consideration.


The committee meets on a monthly basis, and we will contact you when a decision has been made.


Thank you!

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